Gary Patterson
"Creator of Smiles"

Gary Patterson is one of America's best loved artists, and his
work is enjoyed and collected throughout the world.

Born and raised in California, Gary submerged himself in the
world of art as a child. He was influenced by his father's
artistic ability and was encouraged by his family to formally
pursue his artistic ability.

Gary attended UCLA and the Art Center College of Design for
a short time, but soon ran out of money and went out on his
own - learning by his own mistakes. He went on to gain
recognition in many fields of art, and finally decided to
specialize in humor because it made people smile. During his
career, Gary has achieved numerous prestigious awards
including acceptance to the Los Angeles Museum of Art.
Today, millions of people own or recognize the distinctive
characters of his illustrations and the intimacy of his unique

With the input of his family, friends and fans around the
world, Gary is able to create art that touches people's
hearts, and brings smiles to their faces.


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